The Role of Exposure & Capacity Building


The Role of Exposure & Capacity Building in Transforming to a Learner-Centered School


Run by TechBoston Academy
Grew from a small pilot school to a large 1000 student school.
Modeled after High Tech High and Design 39 in California.
Vision For the Future:

  • Relationships as the Foundation
  • Students as Primary Designers
  • Teacher Leadership & Collaborations
  • Anti-Disciplinary Courses
  • Open-Walled Learning
  • MIT & Community Partners.


Applied for Grants
People like to give money to people who already got money - apply to more then one
Building relationships is key
Submitted a Barr Foundation High School Redesign Grant
Anti-Disciplinary Courses - example, a History class studying inventions that spurred social change or solved a social need, co-taught with a science teacher.
Mass IDEAS Grant
Originally were going towards personalized learning by sitting in front of a computer. Currently much more relationship based, need to know every student and group dynamics.