Sharing & Scaling The Language Of Digital Learning


Embedding Digital Citizenship, Computer Science and Makerspaces across your district provides amazing opportunities for students and teachers but it also requires that everyone is on the same page in terms of academic vocabulary related to educational technology. The presentation will detail the process the North Reading Digital Learning Team uses K-12 to scale a broader understanding of key digital learning terms into shared co-teaching lesson plans, digital learning curriculum sequence development and scaling teacher’s knowledge base in the areas of digital learning and innovative teaching. Strategies for sequencing digital learning lessons based on refining key student vocabulary will be discussed.

This presentation will also provide suggestions for tiering digital learning academic language and provide sample lessons,info-graphics,videos and media artifacts which demonstrate the value of scaling educator and student voice with digital learning vocabulary. Additional topics will include how enhancing district understanding of key terms can support buy in for new technology initiatives.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Elementary School Educators or Leaders, Middle School Educators or Leaders, High School Educators or Leaders, Instructional Technology Specialists, Technology Directors, Curriculum Designers/Coordinators, District Administrators