Leveraging Open Education Resources To Enhance Learning


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Over the past decade the number and diversity of online curriculum resources has skyrocketed. Increasingly, teachers and educators everywhere can download high-grade, complete, and low-cost curriculum. This online trend is often referred to as the Open Education Resources (OER) movement. The expansion of online curriculum resources is giving teachers and schools across the country a vast alternative to the small set of dominant education publishers that have shaped K-12 curriculum for a long time. But this new trend raises challenges and opportunities for educators. What does it take to leverage these new online resources effectively? How can teachers assess quality and adapt resources to best meet their student’s needs? What are teachers looking for in online resources?

Participants in this session will come away with an understanding of the types of online curriculum resources now available to teachers, how teachers are using them and the features (e.g. standards alignment, evidence-base, differentiability, etc) that are most important to educators as they vet these resources for use in their classrooms. Participants in this presentation/workshop will have an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences with OER and also hear from their peers about helpful online resources.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Elementary School Educators or Leaders, Middle School Educators or Leaders, Curriculum Designers/Coordinators