Keynote - Honing in on the Data that Matters for your School


Henry Turner & Amy Winston, Newton North High School
From state assessments to common assessments and from discipline data to college projection data, schools are inundated with data these days. While the data tells a story about your school, presenting this data to your faculty or families can overwhelm and disinterest them quickly. Learn about how the leadership at Newton North High School used a very focused data set, over a period of many years, to propel the community’s work on narrowing achievement gaps, how we are shifting our priorities to explore new data sets that are raising interesting questions about how schools should define success.

Slides show data from Newton North High School how Free & Reduced lunch shows most if a student is going, next is race.

Newton able to institute programs to ‘chase the tail’ and bring up failing students, as well as ‘move the mountain’ where the majority of students move up in level.

“Should we push students to take 4 or 5 AP classes just to make our numbers looks better, no”

Fireside Chat Post Keynote:
FORGE - Parent group for racial equity.
Metco counselor as an engagement coordinator - Office of Human rights
Use DataWise from Harvard - Book & Course
50% of Black students are on an IEP
Saw Black students were not taking 3rd and 4th year of science, Added Oceanography and Forensics and saw and increase.
Newton has interdisciplinary “Choice” PLCs - mindfulness, etc.
Every month on Tuesdays - Faculty meetings, PLC, department meetings.
CP, Advanced CP, Honors, AP
Parent teacher conferences - Free baby sitting, translators, taxi rides. Let low income families sign up first.