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Spring Conference 2018 Here is a place to post and organize things you learn <a href="http://buff.ly/2FAz4kT">Friday 3/9/2018</a> at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester <span class="hashtag">#MALeads18</span> Googlepalooza 2018 Here is a place to post and organize things you learned Tuesday 2/20 at Lunenburg Middle/High School! <span class="hashtag">#Googlepalooza</span> <a href="http://gg.gg/googlepalooza">gg.gg/googlepalooza</a> EdCamp Boston EdCamp Boston, March 17, 2018, 8:30-5:00, Microsoft, 5 Wayside Rd, Burlington, MA <a href="http://edcampboston.org/">http://edcampboston.org/</a> Medfield Digital Learning Day Notes from Medfield’s DLD, April 10th at Medfield High School Personalized Learning Envisioning an Equitable Future Through Personalized Learning<br> May 3rd, 2018 Holiday Inn Boston-Dedham Hotel and Conference Center Edcamp WMASS Notes from Edcamp WMass at Gateway Regional High School, 4/28/2018
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